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    Post by sheen on Sat Mar 14, 2009 2:39 am

    What is Spam?
    Short and pointless messages. Wastes forum spaces and shows no respect to PT Staff's hardworks and efforts. There is no such thing as 'free lunch', we work so hard to provide you the entertainment, you should do the same and contribute back to the forum. Simply by making non-spam posts.

    Examples of Spam
    1. Expression words: hahahahhaa, hehehehee, hohohoho, etc.
    2. Posts Contains nothing but smilie faces: =), =(, =/, <3, etc.
    3. Posting gibberish: aifjajfojwefojl, q0983940349, jweorjwlfka... etc.
    4. Posts less than 10 words. (there are exceptions)
    5. Double Posting (read below for more info.)
    6. Quoting other members when not directly replying to them, just to get past character limit.
    (Example: Read below under the notes)
    7. Copying / Pasting other members posts or copying others ideas.
    8. Making words longer than needed just to get around character limit: "yesssssssssssssssssssss i loovvvve thissssssssss"
    9. Extending punctuation marks, to get around character limit: "......................" or "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" or "???????????"
    10. Postings of the same word over and over just to get around character limit: "i love love love love love this movie!"
    11. ]Posts similar to either/or Examples # [1-3, 7-9] in the Direct Download forums (DDL) will be consider as spam as well!

    *Save us both time, if you know the comment your making is spam, don't post it! We know it and you know it... why waste time? Do it right the first time and we'll all be happy. =)

    ===== NOTES =====

    Double Posting

    What IS considered double posting?

    -- [Double Post Rules] --

    * posting more than once of the spam post in the same forum/thread
    * posting more than once of different posts in the same forum/thread, but at very close time intervals (Such as, Post #1 made at 1pm - Post#2 made at 1:10pm = Double post)
    * posting a comment in a thread and then posting the same or similar comment at a much later time (Such as Post#1 made in February 2009, Post#2 made in March 2009)

    -- What's NOT considered as double posting? --

    * Topics in Battle of Words, General Chat or in Pinoy Entertainment Discussions (Pinoy Series).
    Battle of Words & General Chat: These forums allow double posting, because you may be speaking to another member or debating. In this case, double posting is allowed, however must be different comments and quote the member your replying to. ("Double Post Rules" also apply)
    * Pinoy Entertainment Discussions: Take Pinoy Series as example, in February 2009 you may have seen the series and thought of it this way. However in March 2009 when the series ended, you thought differently and wanted to share. In this case, you can double post. ("Double Post Rules" also apply)

    -- How do you know if you already have posted in a topic? If you see the following icons beside a topic, then that means you already have posted in that topic.--

    When and Where do I quote?

    It looks like since we disabled the Quoting First Post. Some members has decided to just go quote any old person and write something that is totally unrelated to the quote. NO! This is spamming and will not be accepted. You are not respecting our Staff or contributing to PT if you do this.

    Feel Free To Ask Us

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